Red Hat Openstack Administration II (CL210)

     Red Hat Openstack Administration II (CL210)

Course overview
This course will also begin the transition from administering OpenStack using Horizon to using the unified command-line interface. Exam competencies covered in the course include: install and configure Red Hat OpenStack Platform (using OpenStack Director), manage users, projects, flavors, roles, images, networking, and block storage, automation (scale-out and scale-back), and build a customized image.

Openstack Multinode Architecture

Course content summary
  • Launch instances
  • Manage core OpenStack services using the unified command-line interface
  • Install an advanced proof-of-concept OpenStack deployment
  • Build a customized JEOS image
  • Automatically scale-out and scale-back applications
Audience and prerequisites
This course is designed for Linux system administrators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators.

Prerequisites for this course
  • Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110) course or equivalent
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification      or equivalent knowledge and experience

Outline for this course

Course introduction
 Introduce and review the course.

Install the OpenStack overcloud
 Install overcloud in an OpenStack deployment.

Keystone identity service
 Install, configure, and use the Keystone authentication services.
Manage flavors
 Manage hardware profiles.
Manage networks
 Manage OpenStack networks.
Manage floating IP addresses
 Manage floating IP addresses.
Manage security groups
 Manage OpenStack security groups and security rules.
Manage instances
 Manage instances.
Add additional compute nodes
 Add additional compute nodes to OpenStack.
Build a customized image
 Build and customize an operating system image.

Deploy Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director
 Deploy Red Hat OpenStack Platform director. (undercloud).
Deploy scalable applications
 Deploy stacks (applications) that provide scale out/scale back capabilities.
Comprehensive review
 Review Red Hat OpenStack Platform II.

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